Reusable Fabric Masks 100% Premium Cotton, Made in Singapore

Buy reusable fabric mask, kids' size reusable mask. Made in Singapore with 100% Premium Cotton, OEKO-TEX certified, breathable and light. 

*Please note that Golden Apples redemption are only applicable for workshops. Thank you!

Wave 4 Pre-order opening: 9th May 2020, Saturday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 5 Pre-order opening: 17th May 2020, Sunday, 8pm (ended)

Wave 6 Pre-order opening: 26th May 2020, Tuesday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 7 Pre-order opening: 6th June 2020, Saturday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 8 Pre-order opening: 18th June 2020, Thursday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 9 Pre-order opening: 11th July 2020, Saturday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 10 Pre-order opening: 8th August 2020, Saturday, 9pm (ended)

Wave 11 Pre-order opening: 10th September 2020, Thursday, 6:30pm