Reusable Fabric Masks 100% Premium Cotton, Made in Singapore

Buy reusable fabric mask, kids' size reusable mask. Made in Singapore with 100% Premium Cotton, OEKO-TEX certified, breathable and light. 

*Please note that Golden Apples redemption are only applicable for workshops. Thank you!

2021 Orders

Thank you for your strong support for our fabric masks! Every one of them is crafted by the two of us in Singapore upon order, hence there is a lead time of 3-4 working days before your masks will be ready for mailing. Thank you for your understanding and patience! :)


2020 Pre-orders

Wave 4 Pre-order opening: 9th May 2020, Saturday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 5 Pre-order opening: 17th May 2020, Sunday, 8pm (ended)

Wave 6 Pre-order opening: 26th May 2020, Tuesday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 7 Pre-order opening: 6th June 2020, Saturday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 8 Pre-order opening: 18th June 2020, Thursday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 9 Pre-order opening: 11th July 2020, Saturday, 8:30pm (ended)

Wave 10 Pre-order opening: 8th August 2020, Saturday, 9pm (ended)

Wave 11 Pre-order opening: 10th September 2020, Thursday, 6:30pm (ended)