About Us

Beary Naise Co.

We are a sewing and design studio based in Singapore and have been making bags since 2012. What started out as a passionate hobby turned into an entrepreneurial endeavour when we realised that there was a demand for personalised handcrafted products. 

We started to conduct sewing workshops and craft parties in 2017 with the hopes of spreading the experience and true happiness of creation. 

In addition, holding on to the belief that sewing is a valuable life skill that can be turned into a sustainable home-business, we have reached out to many individuals through our unique home-based lessons model to equip them with the necessary basics to kick-start their business. It is one of our core aims to empower individuals who dare to create their own realities to believe in themselves, and to continue to contribute in spite of circumstances. 

Our Missions 

To SEW with all our hearts and for our customers to feel that sincerity.

To teach and guide brand new sewists to CREATE unique and beautiful items for themselves and their loved ones.

To EMPOWER individuals with the knowledge that he/she has the ability to make something, be it the perfect product, or the life he/she desires.



The Team