Star Coasters Beginners Sewing Workshop Singapore
Star Coasters Beginners Sewing Workshop Singapore

Baby Bear (Level 1) "DIY Home Decor" Hoshiko Coasters Sewing Workshop

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In this 3 hour workshop, you will be making a set of 3 Hoshiko Coasters of varying sizes. “Hoshi” meaning star, and “ko” meaning child. Like a family, they come together. Not only are they gorgeous and pleasing to the eyes, they are fully functional with superb absorption of spilled mess, and are 100% washable.

You will pick up the skill of using a sewing machine to create professional-looking products, and conquer any fear of it. Some learning points are how to sew straight accurately, how to turn your stitches properly, and how to cultivate a keen eye for well-made items. If you've always been interested in learning how to sew, this is the right course. Choose from a variety of modern prints to create your very own set of Hoshiko Coasters.

All materials and tools are provided. You do not need prior sewing experience to attend the workshop.

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