DIY Passport Cover Sewing Workshop Singapore
DIY Passport Cover Sewing Workshop Singapore

Baby Bear (Level 1) Introduction to Name Embroidery + Passport Cover Sewing Workshop

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This lesson is made up of 2 sessions of 3 hours each. Come explore two types of crafts in this 2-in-1 combo workshop!

In the first session, we will be designing and working on the name embroidery. You will pick up basic hand embroidery techniques to achieve sleek and smooth lettering with thread. Enjoy the peace and calmness of seeing letters come to life stitch by stitch while you create a masterpiece that is uniquely yours. You may be required to complete your name embroidery at home before coming for the next session.

In the second session, things get even more exciting as we move over to the sewing machines to sew up your own passport cover. You will learn how to make use of the sewing machine to create wonderful things, and conquer any fear of it. Some learning points are how to sew straight accurately, how to turn your stitches properly, and how to cultivate a keen eye for well-made items. Choose from a variety of prints to create a fun passport cover that reminds you of the sense of adventure that first made you decide to come for this workshop!

You may schedule the 2nd session with us directly after you have completed your name embroidery.

All materials and tools are provided. You do not need prior sewing or embroidery experience to attend the workshop.

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